Playful methodologies and entrepreneurship у місті Івано-Франківськ

Playful methodologies and entrepreneurship - фото
Дата події: 13 грудня 2019
Початок: 10:00 год.
Для того, щоб підписатися на події, будь ласка, авторизуйтесь через соціальні мережі
Lecture for students “Playful methodologies and entrepreneurship”

At the Science City "New Energy", we are studying innovations that strive to improve education. If the education sector stays on its current trajectory, half of all youth around the world entering the workforce in 2030 will lack basic secondary-level skills they need to thrive—from literacy and numeracy to critical thinking and problem solving.

We are born with the natural ability to gain skills through play. As children, we learn about social norms, roles and responsibilities, and language through curiosity-driven, playful interactions and activities. Learning through play harnesses the power of student’s imagination and inspires active engagement with the material.
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