Open Talk #3 Ivano-Frankivsk: JavaScript у місті Івано-Франківськ

Open Talk #3 Ivano-Frankivsk: JavaScript - фото
Дата події: 12 листопада 2019
Місце проведення: вул. Короля Данила, 20
Початок: 18:00 год.
Для того, щоб підписатися на події, будь ласка, авторизуйтесь через соціальні мережі
Perfectial's Open Talks are back! This time we're bringing you ever interesting and popular topic - JavaScript.

How to build Micro Frontends with React, Angular and Single-spa
#microservices #js #architecture #frameworks
Speaker: Aleks Zinevych
JavaScript Competence Lead, Perfectial

Microservices is an architecture approach, which allows developers deploy separate parts of the platform without effecting its other parts. So why don’t we apply this approach in front-end? Every widget or page can be developed with different framework, still every update or change won’t impact the rest of the software. This technique is called Micro-frontends. During his presentation Aleks will share the details of this approach, namely, how to start building Micro Frontends, what tools are needed, the real-life cases of how they work and what problems specialists might face in the process of development.

With over 8 years of hands-on experience Aleks Zinevych, Perfectial’s JavaScript Competence Lead can say to a lot of things “been there, done that”. He started out his career as .NET developer, then hopped on to Java and even a bit of Ruby, yet over the past years has been sticking to JavaScript and many of its directions. Being heavily involved in pre-sale activities at Perfectial, Aleks works on different types of solutions, but personally prefers Web applications development, since he believes they are the future as businesses around the globe gradually migrate to the Web.

At a spare from work time Aleks composes electronic music, paints and travels a lot, because “memories and impressions are something you cannot buy or get from books or YouTube videos”.
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