Reading Club у місті Івано-Франківськ

Reading Club - фото
Дата події: 13 жовтня 2019
Початок: 12:00 год.
Для того, щоб підписатися на події, будь ласка, авторизуйтесь через соціальні мережі
Hi everyone!
This time we'll try something new at our meeting - we'll discuss not the reading, but video (as paradoxically as it may sound for a meeting of the 'Reading club' - but still).
The discussion is fierce, though cultured; controversial, though well-argumented; piercing, though mutually respectful. We hope we'll be able to stick to the same qualities in our discussion through the meeting :)
In addition, as optional preparation, you can read some of the Peterson's book "12 Rules for Life", in particular chapter/rule 1 "Stand up straight with your shoulders back".
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