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Дата події: 26 жовтня 2019
Для того, щоб підписатися на події, будь ласка, авторизуйтесь через соціальні мережі
It's here! The start of the Fall/Winter festivities! Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the previous pub crawl, Tuesday Toast has decided to host the first ever Halloween Pub Crawl!!

American rules still apply. No nesting during crawling, there will be a final establishment for that. However, should one need a snack or something in order to feel comfortable, we have noticed that calling and ordering ahead to the next restaurant is efficient.

What does one wear to a Halloween pub crawl?
This is a Halloween themed crawl, therefore we highly encourage some sort of costume effort. Try to keep your costumes homemade and inexpensive, since you're probably only going to wear this once. Cat ears? perfect. Witches hat? delightful. Mouse ear? duh, i'm a mouse.

*What is not acceptable*
Costumes that are political, a form of cultural appropriation, or anything that will offend or make any other pub crawler offended is strictly prohibited. We will ask you to leave and not participate for the remainder of the night. This is a fun-filled event, and we will make sure everyone is comfortable.

You don't drink? No problem! Although this is an activity in bars and restaurants, drinking is not compulsory. A lot of people choose to participate solely for interaction and the fun of the crawl itself, so don't feel discouraged to attend if you don't drink!

We will be posting the list of places at a later date once we have had a chance to hear from you all on where you want to go.
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